The following three technical fields of ZAR's research and development activities have highest priority in the next future:

  • thermal processes
  • residue recycling
  • long-term behavior of deposits

All topics need special know how, however they cannot be researched individually.

Beside technical and process oriented challenges, future distribution channels, which in most cases lead abroad, must be analyzed in detail. As far as possible the distribution channels should be supervised and linked directly to the processing industry. The specifications and standards of REACH1) should be evaluated.

An adequate communication concept is needed to connect the involved partners as well as other groups of interest.

Examples of high priority tasks:

  • Treatment of the different metal fractions
  • Comercialization of metals
  • Optimization of coarse bottom ashes
  • Evaluation of usage of minerals
  • Oxidation behavior of aluminum
  • Incorporation of material flows for additional types of waste
  • Treatment and quality of disposals
  • Consolidation of techniques for sample drawing, preparation and analysis as well as the further development of material flow analysis
  • Amount and usability of rare metals
  • Description of the state of the art techniques

Priorization and a detailed time schedule are specified in close collaboration with our partners and investors.