The material and product life cycle and the approved 5-step waste hierarchy of materials shall be regarded as an integral system.
In order to achieve the ambitious goals it will be necessary to analyze and optimize the treatment process as a whole. System parameters must be wide and flexible to find good solutions.
The research in the ZAR development centre will define new standard of techniques:

  • for thermal waste treatment
  • for the treatment of residues
  • for the quality management of material recycling

Close to the KEZO, the development centre for sustainable management of recyclable waste and resources (ZAR), has found a home , where – with strong participation of KEZO – the technicians and engineers will optimize the recovery of precious materials from incineration residues and flue gas treatments residues They will supported by other global technology providers and contractors, as well as scientists. They will also focus on conditioning the non-recyclable residues so that they can be stored safely, emission and care free. In this way the residues are prepared for eventual, later re-use.