Development center for sustainable management of recyclable waste and resources

It is ecologically and economically not acceptable to deposit recyclable waste. This also applies for incineration residues.

The centre for sustainable management of recyclable waste and resources (ZAR) is developing better re-use of recoverable materials. It is our goal to improve the utilization of materials and energy during the entire lifecycle of products and to reduce the need for waste disposal solutions.

ZAR is the trend-setting complementation the existing separate municipal waste collections. As a national development centre, ZAR provides innovative ideas, based on practical experience as well as scientific and technical research and hence contributes to a better waste treatment in Switzerland.

Thermal waste treatment is an integral part of the Swiss policy of waste and resource management.

Already in June 1986 a national concept for waste management for Switzerland was published by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environmental (FOEN). This states that the system of waste treatment shall only produce two kinds of products: recyclable fractions and residues for final disposal, which won’t pollute the environment.

The foundation ZAR has two different locations and is working on the following two priorities:

KEZO, Kehrichtverwertung Zürcher Oberland, Hinwil (ZH)

Development and optimization of dry bottom ash discharge technologies and physical and mechanical recycling of metals.

Currently a central bottom ash treatment plant is built to treat bottom ash from all incineration plants located in the canton ZH. Start-up is scheduled for 2015/2016.

KEBAG AG, Zuchwil (SO)

Development of wet-chemical method to recove valuable materials and decontamination of incineration residues. 

Waste shall be transformed into marketable products and residues harmless for final diposal.