Phosphorus recycling from sewer sludge ash

The main process steps of the Phos4Life process: 

  1. Leaching of sewage sludge ash
  2. Iron recovery
  3. Phosphoric acid recovery
  4. Metal recovery and waste water treatment


Thermal waste recycling and bottom ash treatment

On the occasion of the official commissioning of the new bottom ash treatment plant and the Open Day in May 2016, this film was made which impressively reflects the fascinating thermal recycling process.

Film production: Trümpi & Partner AG: Fredy Trümpi, Livia Trümpi, camera and editing: Stephan Huwyler, 

© KEZO 2016 Hinwil


City & Agglomeration - the infinite source of raw materials

Raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce worldwide, and at the same time the mountains of waste are growing: in Switzerland alone, more than 700 kilograms of waste are produced per person every year. This immense storage of raw materials is now to be recycled as completely as possible. "Urban mining" is the key word. The Canton of Zurich is the world leader in technology and implementation.

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Video (SRF - Einstein (11.4.2013)