How the Swiss extract gold from rubbish

Switzerland is the global leader in metal recycling, a lucrative business that attracts international interest. We visit a pioneering Swiss waste disposal and recycling plant with a delegation from Japan.

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December 14, 2022


In Hinwil, KEZO’s «alchemists» turn waste into gold

For thousands of years, human beings have been searching for the fountain of youth and a secret recipe for turning iron into gold. And while alchemists and mystics continue their quest, the folks at the KEZO waste incineration plant in Hinwil have already – at least in part – found their holy grail.

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Quelle: Zurich Klimamagazin, Nr. 6, page 10 bis 13

"We call it thermo recycling”

Up to around five years ago, KEZO – Kehrichtverwertung Zürcher Oberland – based in Hinwil, not far from Zürich, was an ordinary waste recycler with conventional waste incineration plants – a total of three furnace lines are in operation here. Now two furnace lines are running with a completely new discharge process for the bottom ash.
Quelle: Zeitschrift AT Recovery, Ausgabe 01/2012

Recycling of automobile shredder residue in Switzerland

Successful cooperation with municipal waste incineration plants.
Quelle: Foundation Autorecycling Switzerland -Info März 2010