KEZO Competence Center, Hinwil (ZH)

In Hinwil, the focus is on the physical-mechanical recovery of valuable materials from the dry bottom ash.


Böni, Daniel Managing Director +41 (0)44 938 31 02
Di Lorenzo, Fabian Project Manager Metallic Resources +41 (0)44 938 31 95



Competence Center KEBAG AG, Zuchwil (SO)

In Zuchwil, the focus is on the development of (wet) chemical processes for the recovery of valuable materials and the reduction of pollutants from incineration residues so that only products and harmless residues suitable for final disposal are produced from waste.


Dr. Schlumberger, Stefan Head of Competence Center Hydrometallurgy +41 (0)32 686 54 30
Dr. Bernhard, Andreas Entwicklungsingenieur +41 (0)32 686 54 70
Gozdzik, Fine Chemical laboratory assistant  




CO2-Competence center in Niederurnen (GL)

In Niederurnen, the focus is on gaining scientific and technical know-how on CO2 capture and making this knowledge available to the entire waste utilisation industry as well as similar industries nationwide.


Furgler, Walter Head of Competence Center CO2 +41 (0)55 617 27 40
Dr. Marxer, Daniel Technology, Research & Development  
Ringmann, Stefan Process & Technology