Recycling of Phosphor from Sewage Sludge Ash

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for humans and nature. Phosphor cannot be replaced by other substances. Since 2006 it is forbidden spreading sewage sludge on the fields. New ways to use phosphorus from sewage sludge must be found.

Natural phosphorus reserves of high quality are limited and the global demand cannot be satisfied in the nearer future.

Switzerland has no natural resources for phosphorus, therefor the demand for agricultural applications are imported. Therefor recycling of fertilizer and crop residues are an important factor.

Project Recycling of Phosphor from Sewage Sludge Ash

Detailed information about the project can be found in the project papers, periodically published by AWEL, Zurich Cantonal Agency of Waste, Water, Energy and Air (German/French editions only).


Project papers

Projektblatt Nr. 6 (August 2018)

Projektblatt Nr. 5 / Fiche de projet no 5 (April 2017)

Projektblatt Nr. 4 (Januar 2014)

Projektblatt Nr. 3 (September 2013

Projektblatt Nr. 2 (Januar 2013)

Projektblatt Nr. 1 (Juli 2012)


The Phos4Life process