Phosphorous in sewage sludge

Phosphorus is the most valuable nutrient in waste. It is vital for humans and nature and is becoming increasingly valuable as a raw material today.

The degradable, high-quality deposits of phosphorus are limited worldwide. They will run out in about 100 years. In Switzerland, there are no natural phosphorus deposits.

Today, the most important factor in phosphorus turnover in our country is the return of farmyard manure and crop residues to agriculture. However, large quantities of phosphorus have been imported for decades to supply man and nature.

Feasibility of the Phos4Life process at the Emmenspitz site


Development of phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash

Detailed information on phosphorus mining development (2011 - 2018) can be found in the periodically published project sheets of AWEL, Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air, Zurich, as well as the additional documents.

Project sheets (in German language only)

Additional Documents (in German language only)


The Phos4Life process 1.0 in brief