Eddy Current Separator

Increase of the Efficiency of the Eddy Current Separator

Improved Separation of Non-Ferrous Metals from the Micro Bottom Ash.


The incineration plant KEZO is operating a fine bottom ash treatment plant for particle size 0.7 - 5.0 mm. Two serial operating Eddy Current separators, which have been technically optimized, are separating the non-ferrous metals. Single installed Eddy Current separators only guarantee an efficiency of about 75 %, that means only about 75 % of elementary non-ferrous metals (without VA metals) in the bottom ash will be separated.By installing two Eddy Current separators in series, the overall efficiency can be increased up to 93.8 %.

An average separation rate of 75 % is regarded to be insufficient. As a result too many valuable substances will be lost in the mineral fraction, which is neither acceptable from an ecological nor an economic point of view.
Therefore ZAR is analyzing, why app. 25 % of non-ferrous metals cannot be separated and what measures are necessary to increase the efficiency.