Non-Ferrous Treatment

In a first treatment step the NF-metals are separated with an Eddy Current separator from the micro bottom ash (0.2-0.7 mm) and the fine bottom ash (0.7-5 mm). Then the NF-metals  reach the NF-treatment.

The NF-fraction from the fine bottom ash is sieved with 3 mm first in order to obtain two narrow corn fractions and to increase the efficiency of the each plant component. The fractioned NF-metals from the fine bottom ash and the micro bottom ash then reach the air separation tables.

Its air flow generates a fluidized bed and the material is separated by its different density. The separation tables can separate the aluminum from the NF metal mixture. The entire plant is built as closed system, the discharged runs over a cyclone and a filter in order to minimize the dust emissions.

At the end of the non-ferrous-treatment “Aluminum” and "NF-precious” in grain sizes 0.2-0.7 mm, 0.7-3 mm and 3-5 mm result as products.