Fine Bottom Ash

The plant to separate the fine bottom ash (0.7 - 5 mm) was started in September 2008 and has been optimized continuously. The central part of the conception are two very strong magnets, connected in series and two following, non ferrous treatment devices, also connected in series.

The strong magnets remove all material particles, which will disturb the induction field in the next treatment step and reduce the efficiency of the non-ferrous separation. The non-ferrous separator is a pilot plant however the following statements can be made:

  • Bottom ash with particle sizes 0 - 5 mm can be treated reliably. The bottom ash sand smaller 0.7 mm is still sieved and not yet treated.
  • The plant is running continuously and dust-free in a 24h-operation without intensive supervision.
  • The purity and quality of the separated metals is very high.
  • After a few initial optimizations the separation rate could be increased up to 90%. With further design changes in June 2011 an efficiency of 95% shall be reached.
  • The plant has indicated new possibilities concerning the recycling of compounds. To mention one, the recycling of ARS (Automotive Shredder Residue) in an incineration plant with dry bottom ash discharge, followed by fine bottom ash separation (thermo-recycling) would be an optimal solution to recycle the metal effortlessly.
  • The remaining fine bottom ash, containing 30% of quicklime also is a very interesting raw material, as long as the limits for inert materials can be complied.