Eddy Current Separator

Separation Principle

A rotating magnetic field in the drum generates eddy current in each electric conductive ash part (non-ferrous metal), which will then generate another magnetic field. The magnetic ash part will then be repelled from the drum and the non-ferrous metals can be separated reliably.

The quality of the non-ferrous separation depends on several parameters:

  • Material
  • Shape
  • Force of the magnetic field in the drum
  • Number of magnetic poles in the drum
  • Speed of the magnetic field in the drum
  • Direction of rotation of the magnetic fields
  • Speed of the transport belt
  • Position of the parting plate

Specification of the installed non-ferrous separator:

  • Magnetic force [Gauss]:12‘500
  • Number of poles [-]:44
  • Rotor speed [UPM]:5‘000
  • Power [KW]:6.8

Development Project: Efficiency Increase of the Eddy Current Separator 

Additional separation of NF metals from the fine bottom ash

Report (in German only)